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As a playwright, dramaturg, and actor I am most excited by new work in the development stage. I am excited by stories that are deeply honest, taking the risk to bring truths to the stage that may not usually have a platform. I am particularly interested in telling stories centering women. There are not enough complicated women onstage, and we deserve to be seen in all our wonderful complexity and diversity.

I want you to feel what I felt.

I want you to know why story-truth is truer sometimes than happening-truth."

- Tim O'Brien

Current Projects

Publications and Podcasts

Emma's 10-minute play, To Fix A Dinosaur, is featured in an anthology titled, American Theatre in the Twenty-First Century, published by Future Publishing House. This anthology is available for purchase online here. Order before December 1st for free shipping!

Emma's monologue, On the Tracks, was published in the PlayGround Experiment's Faces of America anthology. This anthology is available for purchase online here, or in-store at Shakespeare & Co. in New York, NY. 

A portion of the proceeds for every book purchased will go to the ACLU.

Emma's 10-minute play, To Fix A Dinosaur, was featured on an episode of the Lights Up! podcast by the Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga. Tune in for a wonderful reading and an interview with Emma about the play!



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