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It All Comes Out

Nicole DiSandro as Maggie, Mack Fensterstock as Rose, Sommer O'Donnell as Beth, and Cooper Reed as Clark in the Ball State University production.

You can live across the world from your parents, but you can't hide from them forever. When Maggie meets the love of her life she must finally tell her very Catholic parents that she’s gay. A coming out story with a twist, It All Comes Out is about love, religion, and forgiveness. What comes first: religion or family, and what happens when you and your loved ones disagree? A stage split between their two living rooms provides a window into the beginning of a new relationship, and the possible end of an old one.    

Production History:

Reading, Busted Space Theatre Company, Dir. John Osterhoudt, April 2017

Workshop Production, Ball State University Cave Theatre, Dir. Kelsey Price, April 2018

Semi-finalist for Unicorn Theatre’s In-Progress New Play Reading Series, May 2020

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