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To Fix A Dinosaur

Playpenn Reading 2019

Aimé Donne Kelly as Liz, Andrew Betz as Felix, in the 2019 Playpenn staged reading.

Two strangers running from their realities collide in a hospital stairwell. A lovingly constructed lego dinosaur crashes to the ground between them and shatters. Can they fix the dinosaur, and in doing so, can they help each other turn and face their fears? 

Production History

Reading, Playpenn, Dir. Dan O'Neil, July 2019

Reading, Chicago Dramatists, Dir. Devon Hayakawa, November 2019

Short Film Festival, The Hive Collaborative, July 2020 

Lights Up! Podcast, Episode 3, Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga, September 2020


American Theatre in the Twenty-First Century Anthology, Future Publishing House, December 2020

Run Time: 10 minutes

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