My Big Brother Fights Monsters

This is the original 10-minute performance titled "My Brother Is" from April 2019

Embarking on a project to declutter her life, Emma comes face to face with boxes of her brother Jacob’s things, which pull her into long-forgotten memories. My Big Brother Fights Monsters is a one-woman show that explores the playwright’s relationship with Jacob, who lost his battle with cancer at just 9 years old, leaving 5-year-old Emmie without her best friend. Now, Emma must ask: if these items don’t spark joy can she thank them and say goodbye, as Marie Kondo suggests, or can they somehow add up to the brother she lost?

Production History

Workshop Production, One-Person Show Senior Showcase, Ball State University, April 2019

Fringe Festival Production, Rogue Theater Festival, New York City, July 2022

Run Time: 1 hour

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