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Cooper Pell as Jonah and Carly Masterson as Megan in the Discovery New Theatre Festival 2017 staged reading.

Have you ever wanted to escape from the real world for a while by diving into a story? Megan does it all the time. In fact, she never leaves her house, living vicariously through books and speaking only to her best friend, Claire. When her concerned ex-boyfriend shows up at the door, he unearths a trauma that will force Megan to navigate that frightening place between reality and fantasy to find a way to survive in the real world. 

Trigger warnings: anxiety, panic attacks, depression, attempted suicide


Production History:

Workshop, Ball State University Discovery New Theatre Festival, 2017

Workshop Production, Carmel Apprentice Theatre, Dir. Audrey Larkin, 2018

Workshop Production, DePaul University, Dir. Riley Coduto, 2019

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