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Hen House

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a single-camera dark comedy

MAGDA MARTIN, an aspiring visual artist who has thoroughly but unknowingly self-sabotaged her life, is forced to move back in with the painfully strait-laced mother she’s never gotten along with in middle-of-no-where, Indiana. In this toxic cohabitation, they learn more from each other than they ever dreamed they would.

This is a gritty female-focused comedy that isn’t quite as raunchy as Fleabag or as dark as Russian Doll, but it’s not anywhere close to as light and fluffy as New Girl.


It’s Schitt’s Creek, but with political and moral differences rather than monetary differences. It’s Sophia from Girl Boss trapped in Parks and Recreation. It’s Gilmore Girls but Emily Gilmore moves in with Lorelai and the town is largely hyper-religious and homophobic.

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