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Rosemary & Time

Kailyn Sprinkle as Rosemary, Ingrid Schwartz as Sophia, Erika Denny as Danielle, Zack Keller as Michael in the Ball State University production.

Rosemary & Time is a not-so-traditional living room drama in which Rosemary, a loving wife and mother of two, tries her best to bring her family together for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, even while the world around her inexplicably keeps shifting. One moment her daughter Sophia is thirty years old swatting away Rosemary's gently prodding that she should settle down and have some babies, and suddenly, mid-conversation she's seventeen and screaming that Rosemary missed her poetry reading. Rosemary's topsy-turvy world keeps turning until it tips entirely on its head, revealing to Rosemary exactly why her Thanksgiving dinner is so strange this year.

Production History

Reading, Ball State University Playwriting Week, Dir. Joel Kirk, February 2018

Workshop, Ball State University, Dir. Joel Kirk, August 2018

Workshop Production, Ball State University Cave Theatre, Dir. Erika Ziner, April 2019

Workshop, Actors Theatre of Indiana, May 2023

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