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Rosemary & Time

Kailyn Sprinkle as Rosemary, Ingrid Schwartz as Sophia, Erika Denny as Danielle, Zack Keller as Michael in the Ball State University production.

Rosemary & Time is the story of a woman struggling with early-onset Alzheimer’s. When her daughters come home for Thanksgiving she is forced to face the fact that she is losing her grip on reality. Experiencing Act 1 from Rosemary’s perspective, the audience goes along for the ride as she forgets recipes, names, and faces. Rosemary will eventually have to ask herself, is she made up of her memories or is she still herself when all her memories are gone? When the time comes, will Rosemary be able to let go?

Production History

Reading, Ball State University Playwriting Week, Dir. Joel Kirk, February 2018

Workshop, Ball State University, Dir. Joel Kirk, August 2018

Workshop Production, Ball State University Cave Theatre, Dir. Erika Ziner, April 2019

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