As a dramaturg, Emma enjoys working on new and historically based works, especially new works that place a woman in the central role. She also enjoys dramaturging plays that dive into physical illness, mental illness, or psychology, as those subjects are particularly fascinating to dig into.


Gypsy, Ball State University, 2019, Dir. Beth Turcotte

Fun Home, Ball State University, 2018, Dir. Matt Reeder

A Chorus Line, Ball State University, 2018, Dir. Emily Tzucker and Anne Beck

Pride and Prejudice, Ball State University, 2017, Dir. Beth Turcotte

Shrek The Musical, Ball State University, 2017, Dir. Sutton Foster and Bill Jenkins

Swing!, Ball State University, 2016, Dir. Michael Worcel and Christie Zimmerman

Alias Grace, Ball State University, 2016, Dir. Karen Kessler

Oliver!, Guerin Catholic High School, 2015, Dir. Marcia Murphy

Ball State faculty nominated Emma’s work on Alias Grace to be sent to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) in the fall of 2016 where Emma won best program note and runner up for overall dramaturgy. In 2018 Ball State faculty nominated Emma's work on Fun Home to be sent to KCACTF where Emma won runner up for overall dramaturgy. 


The Bones of Butterflies by Marcia Cebulska, Pheonix Theatre, 2018, Dir. Bill Simmons

XY by Oliver Houser, Discovery New Musical Festival, 2018, Dir. Eva Patton

Concrete Clouds by Devon Hayakawa, Ball State University, 2017, Dir. Emily Fischer 

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Click on the PDF to see Emma's dramaturgy actor packet for Alias Grace. 

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New Work Dramaturgy